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is your shop to get the highest top quality products at Affordable prices. Only the Best Natural Ingredients will do in our Exquisite products. That is Always our Priority-Because you deserve it!


Our Products

We do Not purchase bulk products for resale (You will Never find re-packaged products here). All our products are created from Scratch with Natural ingredients & are Vegan friendly. Bases are never used. Every product is our own formulation & not meant to be like others on the market. Everything is unique to SobeBotanicals from colors, to formulations, etc. We research all ingredients for their safety & check them regularly for status updates. Your safety is important to us.


Every ingredient in our formulations matter to us. No fillers, No smaller size or nano particles, No parabens, No sulfates, Nothing ever derived from animals.


We Guarantee our products are Not & Never will be tested on animals & are Cruelty-free. (Tested on me & quite a few More then willing people instead). All products are Vegan friendly & never include ingredients derived from animals (including, but not limited to-carmine, beeswax, silk, pearl, collagen, keratin, etc)


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